Volkswagen Hybrid: Runaway Winner

Volkswagen has long ago laid down its general principles of environmental management. It sought to establish environmental management systems that comply with environmental laws on the one hand, and on the other allow for saving of valuable resources. To effect reductions in environmental pollution, it preferred low-emission carriers on all its vehicular units.

While it has not come out with an official Volkswagen hybrid in the market, Volkswagen is continuing the development of environmental-friendly units at the very least, and hybrid models at the most in the near future.

According to German Car Scene, Volkswagen is developing a hybrid version of the Golf Model to be able to gain a foothold on the hybrid market. It is expected that the Golf Hybrid will use an electric CVT transmission that will enable the unit to use 10% less fuel than conventional models, and save as much as 15% when running on hybrid mode.

The Volkswagen Golf is the ideal model to go hybrid as the Golf 1.4 TSI was recently awarded the “Auto Environment Certificate” by the Oko-Trend Institute for Environmental Research. The Golf is a runaway winner, having proven through top scores on numerous criteria, as one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles of 2007. The Golf heaped praises for its twin charger of a compressor and turbo charger, allowing it to accelerate in a flash 8.8 seconds. This not only lowers fuel consumption but lessen emissions as well, not to mention greater power.

All these are in living up to the tradition of Volkswagen in giving due recognition and attention to vehicles with low environmental impact. Technically, Volkswagen hybrid vehicles run on biodiesel, ultra low sulfur diesel, hydrogen, or highly efficient gasoline engines. This proves that environmental-friendly vehicles are no longer dreamscapes but realities that are happening now.

With this, Volkswagen wants to demonstrate that fuel efficiency and emission reduction is not only achieved through high ultra-modern technology. It wants to show that its use of clean diesel and twin charger engines definitely contribute to environmental-friendly automobile technology.

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