Touran HyMotion Technology OnVW Hybrid

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In addition to the Golf, another VW Hybrid in the making is the Jetta, which is undergoing development in so far as a twin charger gasoline engine that is highly efficient is concerned. The Jetta TSI engine will uncharacteristically generate higher power even from a small displacement engine while being highly fuel-efficient and gaining lower emission levels.

Touran HyMotion

There is also VW's Touran HyMotion, another innovation, with its hydrogen fuel cell at zero-emission. Volkswagen has been developing for more than a decade high-temperature fuel cells that are more economical and efficient. The Touran HyMotion combines hydrogen and fuel cell drive as proof of Volkswagen's dedication not only to technological expertise but to sustainable environmental impact. The fuel cell drive creates energy by allowing hydrogen to react with oxygen. The resultant – water – is the only waste product created in this process.

Sidebar: The next article is on Nissan hybrid vehicles.

With the Touran HyMotion, the chemical reactor of the fuel cell provides the current and the 80 kW electric motor propels the Touran impressively. As the fuel cell breaks down hydrogen and oxygen, protons and electrons are released, with electrons passing an external current circuit which drives the electric motor.

Golf Eco-Power

In Shanghai, the Touran HyMotion was joined by the concept car Golf Eco-Power, with its diesel-electric drive, powering it through the commercial metropolis of Shanghai. The Volkswagen Golf Eco-Power has an economic diesel drive of an engine in its 1.4 liter 3cylinder machine of 76 kW output, coupled with an electric engine. This offers great savings in fuel consumption, as the engine consumes an average of a mere 3.8 liters of diesel for 100 kilometers. Great value for a classy car, albeit compact as it is.

Volkswagen is committed to preserving the environment through energy-saving, practically zero-emitting models. The emissions even go as far as minimizing noise emissions from its models. Such is Volkswagen's integrated approach to environmental protection, assessing the impact of its models, not only VW hybrids, on the environment. Sustainable environmental protection is ensured.