Great Features of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid

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Other Great Features of Toyota Sienna Hybrid

Apart from the major specifications that were mentioned, a Toyota Sienna Hybrid has also some distinctive features. First, if the window on its esteemed sliding door is open, the whole door is already prevented from being opened in its totality. This prevents the occupant of the car to experience a pinch situation especially if one of his or her arm is still outside hanging from inside to the outside of the car.

Daytime running lamps for the package options and trim levels of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid are also specifically designed. The enabling of such feature will only cost someone $.25 worth of fuse. Isn't that amazing?

As for the rear wiper, it will not be extracted out and will remain on the outside unless the plastic covering of the pivot arm will be removed. The wipers for the Toyota Sienna hybrid are also based on Japanese standards, and its length alone are more than enough to clean and wash the car's front mirrors to a great extent. Poking hazards will also be lessened because of this distinct feature of the wipers.

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The Navigation display found on Toyota Sienna Hybrid is also an entertainment display but this will only happen if there is an engagement of the parking brake and the vehicle is not moving or motionless. It can also view the same programs that require video to provide more functionality for the entertainment display at the back.

The Future

A bright future definitely waits for the Toyota Sienna Hybrid. Starting next year, 2008, this specific car brand will have a Hybrid Synergy Drive that will further introduce more state-of-the-art developments into the car and totally optimize its total performance.