Concept Car Toyota Hybrids

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The Possibilities for the Future are Endless

Toyota will not stop. In the drawing boards are several concept vehicles that stretch the limit of enthusiast’s imagination. From hybrid sports cars to hydrogen fuel cell-packed units, name it, Toyota is into it.

Racers will love the racing hybrid, the CS&S concept sports car. It has an electric motor that runs on the hybrid synergy drive. This runs the front wheels while combined gas-electric motor drives the rear wheels. The CS&S is the space age and Star Trek unit personified, with holographic controls needing only the driver’s “touch” to function instantly.

Fuel-celled cars may be looking for improved speed but the Fine-S Toyota concept car already has high-velocity attained with the use of hydrogen cells mounted under the passenger compartment for air-weight at near zero gravity. Its 4 wheels will be independently controlled guaranteeing more flexibility and maneuverability.

Another racing hybrid potential is the FT-HS concept sports car with all the fundamentals of a racecar running on hybrid powertrain. Its V6 engine, combined with the Hybrid Synergy Drive Toyota is famous for produces roughly 400 horsepower to allow the car to go from zero to 60 within 4 seconds. How’s that for rapid acceleration?

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Finally there’s the Hybrid X, the maverick of hybrids. It defies all convention of present hybrids, with its futuristic exterior and interior design. It brings surprising sustainability and environmental technology. Everything is interactive, from driver controls interface to navigation, to passenger comfort controls, all at the touch of a finger.

Toyota has always considered the mobility needs of people around the world. With Toyota hybrid cars, the company is certainly fulfilling this objective.