The Comfortable Sienna Hybrid

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While the second generation Sienna hybrid was designed in California, it was engineered in Michigan and built at Indiana. Its wheelbase was five inches longer and a four inches wider in track from its first generation predecessor. Although classified as a minivan, it has a large dimension covering 200 inches from front to rear.
Driving a Sienna hybrid minivan is comfortable; affording the drive with outstanding visibility. Its presence is imposing with its big head and tail lamps and its sleek appearance makes it look even bigger. However, it has a proportionately smaller wheels and grille.
It has a 3-row seating arrangement with the second row featuring a captain’s chair which creates a bench for three persons in the second row. It is also called the 8-passenger option. The rear seat splits and both can be folded into the cargo floor creating a cargo space. Both its side doors and tail gate has a power-operated option.  It also features an easy to use stereo and A/C controls.
There are several options for a Sienna hybrid for it is available in varying versions (i.e. CE, LE, XLE, and LIMITED). The list of options for its various versions is not only numerous but also sophisticated.  For example, the package 1 of the CE version is equipped with a cruise control and roof rack.

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Its LE version boosts even more options in five different packages. The features included in each package range from power windows to different communication and entertainment options. It even has a rear Intuitive Parking Assist to help the driver in difficult parking situations. The full list of options are just too many promising customers what they want can be found in the Sienna hybrid minivan.

While the Sienna hybrid line may not be the ultimate car in its class (many are sure to come with better features and configurations), it is unique in its current niche in the market. Its hybrid competitors are in other classification and the Sienna hybrid captures the market for hybrid minivans.