Saturn Vue Hybrid: Eco-Friendly and Budget-Smart

Saturn enters the hybrid market with the introduction of the 2007 Vue Green Line Hybrid which is being touted as the most inexpensive hybrid sports utility vehicle in the market. Cost effective yet stylish, efficient, and sleek, what else can one ask for in an SUV?

Best mileage, coupled with great features, and reasonable costs, make the Saturn Vue Hybrid one of the best-value SUVs in the market. Saturn aims to reach a greater number of potential hybrid customers with these come-ons.

The Saturn Vue Hybrid’s control system, sophisticated as it is, complements a combined four-cylinder engine and electric motor-generator and four-speed transmission. All these contribute to unprecedented fuel economy measures that already earned official EPA ratings for city and highway driving fuel economy. The hybrid engine can generate up to 20% better fuel mileage making it a great traveling companion for the budget-conscious.

Taking a Peek Inside

The Saturn Vue Hybrid’s stylish exteriors give it a distinct look. With aerodynamic contours and tapered roof, this SUV further boasts of jewel-like headlamps, side vents with integrated turn signals, alloy wheels, chrome door handles, and body-color fascia. Other aerodynamic enhancements include a back spoiler and a lowered chassis that are designed for increased efficiency. On the road, low-resistance tires cruising at minimum friction add to the Vue Hybrid’s fuel-efficiency.

Sleek, slim, and simple, may be how the Saturn Vue Hybrid looks from the outside, but this simple design provides additional power to the motor-generator when the vehicle is accelerating. Fuel economy is enhanced through engine shut-off when on idle mode, and early fuel cut-off when the vehicle is decelerating. Moreover, electrical energy is generated internally, with its capture through regenerative braking, harnessing the energy of the braking momentum for ready future use, to charge and advanced nickel metal hydride battery. Intelligent battery charging is thus performed when it is most efficient. Engineered to be efficient, the hybrid motor generator does exactly that.

More Features

Then there’s more. The Saturn Vue Hybrid combines comfort and convenience without the added price. Taking a look at its refined interiors, it offers a lot of passenger and cargo space (there is a rear-cargo storage system, too). Chrome accents, signature backlightings, bucket seats where available, power driver seats, free-flowing center consoles, are but a few of the features to look forward to comfort-wise.

The Saturn Vue Hybrid offers standard equipment like a 170 horsepower, 2.4 liter, Ecotec engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, hybrid electrical generator, low resistance tires, and all the other features mentioned above.

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