Saturn Hybrids: Mild Hybrids With Maximum Value

The Saturn Aura hybrid, initially priced at $22,695, is currently the lowest-priced hybrid on the automobile market.  Factor in the federal tax credit of $1300 – an amount most hybrid owners qualify for – and at least $500 cash rebates from car dealers. 

The Aura hybrid is controversial despite its cheap price on the market.  The Prius sales have multiplied by two within the months of January 2007 to May of the same year.  It looks like the Toyota hybrid production is progressing and Detroit wants to be in. Car critics are saying that Saturn hybrids are tangible signs of how behind General Motor is in the hybrid business today. 

Hybrid Technology at a Glance

When a battery-powered electric engine replaces the gasoline engine when the car is up and running, this is called the dual mode. Hybrid vehicles run on a dual mode. Batteries of the electric motor are regenerated using the power produced during car brakes and deceleration.   During stops and halts, the hybrid engine automatically shuts off.  This type of system allows hybrid car owners to save more on fuel consumption.

Hybrid cars have quite a number of advantages to their names.  Hybrid cars are created with light materials compared to regular vehicles, thus, hybrid cars need less power to thrust the automobile. 

Saturn Aura Vs Toyota Hybrids

The Aura is expected to go 28 mpg in the city driving, and 35mpg on the highway. It goes 230 miles of pure highway driving.   

The Aura has lesser fuel-savings compared to a Toyota since it has a smaller electric engine. In this mild hybrid, the electric-powered engine helps the gas engine when speeding up, instead of powering the vehicle on its own like what Toyota hybrids do.  Same with all hybrid cars, the Aura hybrid structure also lowers on gas consumption by shutting gas flow when speeding up, obtaining energy produced when braking, and turning off the motor when idle.

The Aura’s electric-powered engine and 2.4-liter gasoline inline 4-cylinder motor creates 164 horsepower with 59 lb-foot of torque at 5,000 revolutions in sixty seconds. 

Regardless of its cheap list price, the Aura is equipped well. Standard Aura hybrid equipment consist of electronic stability control, front and side airbags, power steering, air conditioning, side-curtain airbags, and basics like  windows and locks, power mirrors, and cruise control.

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