A Review Of Saturn Hybrid Cars

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The Aura Saturn hybrid has hardly any car options. Available chief car add-ons include power sunroof worth $800, and a $345 favored package of adjustable and heated external mirrors, an 8-way, power-flexible seat, and steering-wheel mounted audio controls.

In both side and front impact crash evaluations, the Aura has a five-star precaution rating. It also has a four-star ranking in rollover risk.

According to reports released by the Power Information Network, more than 50 percent of Aura buyers did not previously own a Saturn car. This report indicates that the Aura is enticing new car buyers to buy from Saturn dealerships.

Green Line Vue Hybrid

General Motor recoiled from a previous plan to manufacture full hybrid in 2005.  As an alternative, GM offered a mild hybrid VUE called the “”green line” hybrid. 

The Green Line Saturn hybrids have the same hybrid technology that supplies power to the gas engine via motor-generator that substitutes regular alternator.  However, unlike full hybrid systems, the VUE Saturn hybrids can not function with electric motor alone.  Nonetheless, the VUE Saturn hybrids are at about 30mpg.

Sidebar: The next article is on Chevy hybrid cars.

In due course, the VUE Saturn hybrids will be full hybrid cars  with dual mode hybrid powertrain that GM is almost about to complete. As soon as the lithium-ion batteries are accessible in the market, GM will consider creating a VUE hybrid into a plug-in hybrid. 

While there are several auto critics saying that the VUE mild Saturn hybrids are merely promotional acts of General Motors, the cars actually have a good side to them.  Unlike Toyota and Ford hybrids, the VUE hybrid will not lose towing power.