Saturn Hybrid Cars For The Working Man

GM, well known for its pickup trucks, went hybrid three years ago, with hybrid pickup trucks using two-mode hybrid systems. This system, compact as it is, can be scalable to vehicles of all sizes. Thus, GM will launch several hybrids providing different levels of fuel economy to customers.

Saturn, GM’s division for innovative and reasonably priced vehicles, will launch its hybrid line that will include Saturn hybrid sedans and Saturn hybrid SUVs.

Riding on GM’s corporate responsibility for environment protection, safety, and technology, Saturn unveiled the Aura Green Line and the Vue Green line of hybrid vehicles. With expected fuel economy, the Saturn hybrid gives the driver the best mileage to the gallon.

Saturn lives up to its name of providing innovative products with solid value and excellent customer service, with these recent and upcoming offerings of hybrid vehicles that offer reasonably priced units with great fuel-saving features and environment-conscious gadgets.

A Saturn Hybrid Sedan for the Working Man

One such hybrid vehicle is the Saturn Aura Green Line, flaunted as the lowest-priced hybrid sedan, and is very reasonably priced and even qualifies the owner to tax credits for purchasing this vehicle for its fuel efficiency and environment-friendly features.

This Saturn Hybrid already received very promising Environmental Protection Agency ratings for city and highway driving. With impressive features inherent in its simple yet effective design, this hybrid mid-size sedan is both economically smart and environmental-friendly.

And this hybrid sedan with its great price will enable more people to have access to fuel-saving and environmentally friendly hybrid cars, truly a hybrid sedan for a working man who wants value for his money.

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Then there is the Saturn Vue Hybrid SUV, with sleek looks and great functionality. Loaded with a lot of innovations when it comes to navigation and control, this SUV offers the adventurous passenger a stress-free ride.

What do these Hybrids Have to Offer?

Value for value, the hybrid buyer can look at these standard features comfort-wise: a CD and MP3 player with AM and FM stereo provides great sounds; the console and cruise control offer greater maneuvering overviews; cup-holders and defoggers are also standard features, together with power door locks, LED backlit instrumentation, interior ambient lighting, and auto-dimming mirror with compass...

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