Most Affordable: Saturn Hybrid Car

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Performance-wise, these Saturn hybrids boast of a four-speed automatic transmission, engine block heater, front-wheel drive, independent McPherson strut front suspension with hollow stabilizer bar and four-link independent rear suspension with solid stabilizer bars.

For safety, standard features include halogen headlamps (automatic), daytime running lamps and dual-stage driver and front passenger air bags with unique passenger sensing system. For those with kids, they will be assured that their child won't go anywhere with its child security locks.

Then there are the front seat-mounted side-impact air bags, side air bags (head curtain), emergency trunk release handles, not to mention the energy absorbing instrument panel and energy absorbing steering column. Front safety belts with pre-tensioners and energy absorbing retractors plus front and rear crumple zones, further ensure passenger safety.

Sophistication and Precision Rolled Into One

Saturn hybrids combine sophistication and precision top-of-the-line control systems, electric motor-generator, coupled with a 2.4 liter engine that all add up to great fuel economy readings.

Economy and Safety Go into a Most Affordable Saturn Hybrid

The Saturn hybrid is known for its fuel saving capability. Although most hybrids really save on fuel, Saturn is more advanced in this regard. The reason is that during acceleration, the car is assisted by electric power that automatically kicks in to support the engine. At deceleration, fuel is cut-off early. The engine automatically shuts off when on idle, as the electric power kicks in. And as if the savings are not enough, electrical energy is also generated through regenerative braking, counting on the energy delivered by the braking momentum.

Sidebar: The next articles is on the Saturn Vue hybrid car.

Is it safe? The hybrid line offers standard safety features. Amongst these standard features are a dual-stage front, side head-curtain and front-seat air bags, anti-lock braking systems on all four-wheel disc brakes. And there’s more, what with electronic stability controls and General Motors’ own OnStar safety and security system. A fine array of safety features, really.