Saturn Aura Hybrid: North American Car of the Year

Winning the prestigious North American Car of the Year Award is not an easy feat to achieve. But that’s precisely what the Saturn Aura Hybrid did - garnering the 2007 award and reaping a host of accolades every other car manufacturer would envy.

This hybrid, touted as the lowest priced in the market with suggested retail price starting at a little less than $23,000, combines reasonable cost with power-packed features. It features a standard 164 horsepower 2.4 liter engine which, with its hybrid electrical generator, enables this hybrid to run up to 28 miles per gallon city driving, and up to 35 miles to the gallon when cruising on the highway.

At these EPA estimates, the Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid gains as much as 30% improvement on fuel economy compared to other conventional non-hybrid Auras sedans.

With a host of exciting features, economy and environmental-friendliness can still be added. You even get a certified 1,300 dollar tax credit for buying the Aura Green Line this 2007, an incentive for endeavoring to use an environment-friendly vehicle.

Safety is Second Nature to this Hybrid

The Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid features a sophisticated network of sensors – the StabiliTrak – which monitors steering angle, wheel speed, brake pressure application, lateral acceleration, and yaw rate. With up-to-the-minute info on all these, the system compares them to the driver’s steering input. Knowing by itself the safety considerations, the system proceeds to activate to help get the hybrid back on track should the driver be deviating from those safety considerations. The driver is constantly conditioned by the system to drive safely and confidently.

Automatic halogen headlamps are standard safety features, as are child security locks, daytime running lamps, dual-stage airbags for driver and front passenger, head curtain side air bags, and front-seat-mounted side-impact air bags. Add to these, front safety belts come with pre-tensioners and energy absorbing retractors.

Technologically Intelligent

The Saturn Aura Hybrid’s motor generator technology is so intelligent that it manages fuel consumption by relying more on its 36 volt battery, in the process harnessing momentum and kinetic energy to continuously charge the battery. The battery will never run dry even if the car continues to run on it as the motion of the vehicle continues the charging process.

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