RAV4 Hybrid: True Recreational Active Vehicle

Since Toyota’s little sport-ute came out in 1996, the RAV4 Hybrid has been popular with both automobile buyers and the car manufacturers. The name RAV4 sounds like an Army code radioed during bloody wars and battles, but in reality the RAV4 is a car designed to cater for the demands of those who love clean, green and sporty.

Technically, according to car manufacturer Toyota, RAV4 stands for "Recreational Active Vehicle with Four-Wheel Drive." This vehicle is said to be currently the fastest-accelerating, best-handling, and most economically offered sub-Suburban on the automobile market. 

From a low-powered punk runabout to a sports sedan on stilts, the progress of the RAV4 to something more momentous and more desired is a progress worth commemorating.

2007 Toyota Rav4

Toyota RAV4 hybrid car is nearer in dimension to a medium sized SUV. To add seating capacity, you just need to add an extra seating at the third row. Whereas preceding Toyota models had a costly attribute, this RAV4 hybrid is all utilitarian. Although its taillamps and well-designed hood shield it from being (80's) boxy and unexciting, the 2007 RAV4 hybrid has been deficient in several of the allure that were the satisfaction of Japanese car connoisseurs.

The cargo area of this RAV4 hybrid is manageable only on the left side since the hinge of the vehicle’s rear cargo gate is located on the right side. This model is advantageous for the left-lane driving rule in Japan, the home of the RAV4 hybrid. 

However, this is not so wonderful for unloading shopping bags in the United States where, if you are parallel-parked, the traffic zips by too closely.

Nonetheless, the door does open wide, providing passengers with 73 cu-ft of space. There are several smart storage solutions for your things and a little leftover height to protect your back from aching.

In the Driver's Seat

Get into the RAV4 hybrid’s driver seat and the sporty beast in you will be unleashed. The controls promote easy and hassle-free use. Cheap looking plastics and rubbery polymers have been totally discarded and the gauges are sporty and handsome, yet easy to read.

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