Nissan Hybrid: Driving Like a True-Blue Nissan

Car manufacturers devoid of hybrids are starting to appear somewhat down-at-heel.  It seems like Nissan does not want to be called as environmentally un-friendly, so it has decided to join the hybrid bandwagon. Joining the trend, they offer the 2007 Altima Nissan hybrid. Nonetheless, Nissan depicts its initial incursion into gas and electric technology as "the first hybrid that drives like a Nissan."

The car manufacturer’s promoters evidently have it in mind for Nissan’s image of self-fashioned sporting to set the Altima Nissan hybrid apart from its major competitors. They are also confident, seemingly, that vehicle purchasers will understand what this Nissan hybrid tagline indicates.

Many may not understand much the meaning behind Nissan's "deep" concepts. Nevertheless, Nissan's existing set-up runs the vibrant scope from the agile Versa to the gigantic Titan.

Muddying the Waters

Even if we confine the area to sporting machinery, must forthcoming hybrid purchasers anticipate the excitement for SE-R Spec V, with its torque-steering feature? How about the loping and nose-heavy pace of Maxima? Or, the immense confidence of the 350Z? 

Further muddying the waters, a great deal of the Altima Nissan hybrid's operating mechanism is licensed from a fellow Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota. The borrowed technology involves steering system assisted by electricity, battery pack, electric motor, regenerative brakes (which are charged by batteries) and CVT transmission.

The consequential savings on fuel are magnificent. Nissan hybrid drivers can anticipate 41/36mpg. But with each and every one of these shared gears, the Nissan hybrid assertion to advance uniqueness seems a bit uncertain.

2007 Altima Nissan Hybrid

At least let us be in agreement that the latest Altima Nissan hybrid does not come out like a Toyota. Whereas all medium sized sedans experience a specific intrinsic stuffiness, this Nissan hybrid’s figure is more appealing than most. It is more slender with crisper lines as compared to Camry. Moreover, the 2007 Altima looks more packed in than the outgoing model, although its definite proportions have altered a bit.

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