Mercury Hybrid: Highest Tax Credits

The sole United States-based carmaker with complete hybrid automobiles running on our streets is Ford Motor Company.  With models such as Ford Escape and Mercury hybrid, Ford is successfully steering the automobile marketing wheel with car models that genuinely can improve fuel-savings.  
2008 Ford hybrids such as Escape and Mercury can be eligible for Federal income tax credits. Both Escape and Mercury hybrids offer the highest tax credits compared to other hybrids sold in the U.S. market. 
Hollywood is getting the feel of both Mercury hybrid and Ford Escape. More TV celebrities and Hollywood stars are attracted to the elegance and superiority of the Ford hybrids.  Hybrid drivers are enjoying Travelers Insurance coverage discounts in a number of states.

For the manufacture of the 2008 Ford and Mercury hybrid models, Ford Motor devoted over a hundred million dollars in the Kansas City Assembly Plant.  Ford will introduce more hybrid cars next year. Come 2008, hybrids Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion will be unveiled to the public.

Ford Escape Hybrid

The foremost SUV hybrid was launched in 2004. Ford Motor Company unleashed the foremost hybrid coming from an American car manufacturer. The 2004 Escape was Ford’s original hybrid baby.

Four years after the launching of Ford Escape, another Ford baby is on its way. The new Ford Escape is set with daring styles and several engineering fine-tunings. 2008 Ford Escape is set to deliver better genuine fuel-savings. Plus, it offers hybrid buyers the highest tax credit offered on any hybrid car.

Mercury Hybrid 

The latest Mercury hybrid has the complete fine-tuning technicalities and worth of a Ford hybrid. Moreover, the Mercury hybrid holds it own individual style and feel. Furthermore, in several states Mercury hybrid drivers can qualify for insurance discount as high as ten percent.

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According to Director Nancy Gioia of Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid programs, Ford is unswerving in its dedication to powertrain and hybrid technologies.  This commitment is part of Ford Motor’s worldwide goal to provide enhanced fuel-efficiency to car buyers, decrease harmful gas emissions, and lesser energy precautionary measures.

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