Ford Green Technology: The Mercury Hybrid Car

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The Escape and Mercury hybrids both have been wonderful victories for Ford Motor. And with two additional hybrid babies coming in 2008, Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, Ford is excited to continue living up to their worldwide commitment.

Ford hybrid sales have gained high volume of sales since its hybrid launching in 2004.  Last years sales soared to 23,000. Mercury hybrid and Ford Escape have had more sales within the months of January and February 2007 compared to the same months of 2006.
Ford Hybrid Technology – How It Works

With a standard 3-liter DOHC 16-valve Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine, and equipped with a stable AC synchronous motor magnet – both 2008 Mariner hybrid and Ford Escape have what it takes to impress you.

At 6,000 rpm, the gas motor creates 133 horsepower, and at 4250 rpm produces 124 lb-ft of torque. The Escape and Mercury hybrids generate 70 km at a 5,000 rpm and 330V maximum voltage. The initial outcome is a 155 hp with 0-60 times compared to an engine with 200hp V-6 motor. It enhances savings in fuel consumption by 75 percent during city driving. The sole obtainable hybrid transmission is a refine-shifting, electronically supervised Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

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The 2008 Ford hybrid models have enhanced transparency. The changeover between gas and electric function is more flawless and practically barely audible to the hybrid driver. To create a better feel of the hybrids, Ford engineers fine-tuned the four-wheel-disc regenerative brakes of the 2008 models.

It is during stop-and-go when full hybrids like Ford Escape and Mercury hybrids attain their maximum enhancement in fuel-savings.  With a range of 500 miles on one tank city-driving fuel, the Escape and Mercury hybrid cars can supply around 75 percent improve fuel-savings compared to a regular V-6 Escape model.