Lexus SUV Hybrid: Luxury Car That Everyone Can Afford

Lexus is known to be an embodiment of luxurious driving. Each Lexus car possesses these traits: roomy interior, leather seats, state of the art driver's panel -- providing a deluxe and luxurious driving experince in a strong yet nearly silent engine. Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturer, launched the Lexus series in the late 1990's. Lexus is the model and the name that Toyota would like to be, in the near future, known as a luxurious car that everyone can afford. This same luxurius car has a new model for the environment concious: the Lexus SUV hybrid.

A Bit of Lexus History

In 1989, Lexus revealed its entry level and flagship Lexus models. The entry level Lexus, the first of the two models, was named Lexus ES 250. The flagship model, on the other hand, was named as Lexus LS 400. The LS 400 was spoken well of by both automobile critics and vehicle consumers for presenting an astral luxury driving experience, with an exceptionally hushed and superior motor engine. Nonetheless, the Lexus vehicles were berated by some people for being a bit less electrifying compared to their European car brand rivals.

With superb features, Toyota had extended Lexus to international market, including the solid European car markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. More Lexus car models were manufactured for the series including the SC coupes series (SC 300 and 400), and Lexus’ GS 300, the initial luxury-working sedan.

Within the next several years, Lexus developed its line and have decided to add SUVs in their successful sedan series. This time Lexus developed their SUV line with the release of LX 450 and RX 300 models. At end of the decade, Lexus had marketed more than a million cars in the United States market.

Afterwhich, as they say, is history. Lexus became a trendsetter with the introduction of the world’s original luxury Lexus SUV hybrid: the RX 400h.

2007 Lexus ES350

The latest Lexus ES350 is powered by a 6 valve engine, transmitting 272 horsepower to the front wheels through its latest technology, the 6 speed manu-matic. The 0-to-60 mph time plummets from an alleged 7.2 to 6.8 seconds, however torque steer continues to be well muffled.

What is special about this Lexus SUV hybrid is that it has a cushioned interior - leather upholstery, softer than most materials - even if it expected to be driven by an adventurer or an outgoing man.

This Lexus SUV hybrid model features a glass roof, which expands beyond the SUV’s front and back seat. Another feature added that can be helpful to drivers is the sonar proximity sensors (which beeps when you're about toto bump any object on the rear area) and a reversing camera that solve all the annoying problems out of parking.

Included in the standard or customary equipment list of this Lexus SUV hybrid are: stability control, seventeen-inch wheels, keyless ignition, and eight (8) air bags...

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