Hyundai Hybrid Cars: Suspense

For nearly a decade, Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai, has fought a gruelling battle to advance the quality of its automobiles. Several years ago, Hyundai cars were seen as low-quality, budget-constrained cars compared to their rivals in the automobile industry. Now the world has witnessed the progress in the South Korean vehicles, adding the Hyundai hybrid lines to widen their market. It seems like Hyundai has won their struggle.

Quality Cars at Reasonable Prices

Cited in an article in Business Week, the South Korean manufacturer was said to have surfaced as the fastest progressing manufacturer in the automobile business sector. Hyundai is now consistently in the top ranks of automobile quality surveys conducted and participated in by car consumers and different vehicle market companies.

Hyundai proved to the world that quality cars can possibly be offered at reasonable prices. The rise of a car manufacturer from Asia, from South Korea particularly, seemed to indicate that they will be prepared and able to produce Hyundai hybrid car technology sold at affordable prices. However, the manufacturer appears hesitant to go forward in the hybrid arena.

It was reported in May 2006 in the Automotive News that Hyundai will put off their launching of Hyundai hybrid cars until around 2009 at the earliest. The news article mentioned the increasing value of South Korea's currency as one of the reasons of the postponement. The currency increase would indicate weaker vehicle sales in the United States that would bring lesser market share for Hyundai.

Another reason for the delay of the Hyundai hybrid cars is the controversy involving the chairperson of Hyundai Motor. Chung Mong Koo was arraigned in South Korea for embezzling over $136 million to produce a political slush fund.

It was reported in the New York Times that the controversy instigated the postponement of important company projects. Postponed projects include the creation of Kia’s first plant in the United States and the development and promotion of Hyundai hybrid cars. Kia is Hyundai’s sister automobile company.

Where Is Hyundai Headed?

In December 2005, the South Korean manufacturer disclosed a Hyundai hybrid version of its Accent model. Hyundai stated at the third yearly Guangzhou international exhibition in China that the hybrid version of Accent would combine a powerful 16-horsepower electric engine with a CCTV or Continuously Variable Valve-Timing in 1.4 liter of 90-horsepower. During the international convention, Hyundai guaranteed a 40% increase over the regular Accent’s 32 MPG.  Kia had also contemplated an introduction of Rio hybrid model in conjunction with the Hyundai hybrid.

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