Space And Power: Hybrid Vans

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Because of its lightweight exterior and well designed aerodynamics, the Sienna hybrid van glides smoothly even in strong winds. As for city driving, you can count on this gem. It conserves fuel during idle-stops (during heavy traffic) and when cruising, saving you on battery energy and fuel.

Sienna's big brother, the Estima hybrid is the most popular of all lines and models of hybrid vans and minivans. For one, it is larger than Sienna and thus perfect for "big boys" who do not like the small "feminine" look of minivans. It has a roomy interior, complete with high tech driver's control panel, advance gauges, and modern safety features to protect every person who rides in the car.

Silverado and Escape - Hybrid Vans?

If Toyota has Estima and Sienna, Chrysler has Silverado and Ford, Escape. However, Silverado and Escape are considered as trucks. However, Chrysler and Ford are marketing them as hybrid vans or minivans to get the market share for minivans, which as of this time is dominated by Toyota.

Hybrid Vans for Space and Power

Hybrid vans and minivans are the answer to prayers of people who are looking for a spacious hybrid vehicle which can accommodate them during a travel with a large group or with a family. This is also best for persons who are always on the go. With a large interior, they don't need the trunk to store their things, most especially those items or that they will regularly use.

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Hybrid vans are powerful enough for heavy and rough terrains. It has a four-wheel drive that automatically kicks in when moving up a steep road, and into a two-wheel drive when it is moving downhill, thus conserving fuel in the process. For the boys who dislike vans (as they say, minivans are for soccer moms), their reservations about them will be put to rest once they see the sleek and modern designs of hybrid vans and their efficient and powerful performance.