Hybrid Van: Toyota Sienna Leads The Way

Different individuals have different needs. Some drivers may content themselves with compact hybrid cars, while some would want spacious hybrid vans. Carmakers Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler are among the world's developers of hybrid vans. 

Hybrid technology dates back as early as the Greek, Persian, and Phoenician trireme oar-driven war vessels.  These battleships were speedy and easy to maneuver.  When there was insufficient wind power to sail the ships, or during naval battles, oars where used to run the vessels. Centuries later, simple hybrid forms were seen through the manufacture of electric bicycles, mopeds, and vehicles with hybrid engines.

Hybrid vehicles such as Toyota's Altima, Honda's 2004 Civic, and other hybrid models are products of dedicated carmakers' research and commitment in manufacturing cost-effective and environment-friendly modern vehicles. 

And with the success of the sales of hybrid cars in the automobile market, more car manufacturers are developing and producing their distinctive line of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are popularly known as hybrid vehicles. Large car manufacturers have launched their own lines of hybrid automobiles.

Toyota launched its Prius and Camry, Honda launched the Civic and Insight hybrids, Saturn has the Aura hybrid line, and General Motor launched the first SUV hybrid Ford Escape.

Hybrid automobiles are powered and fueled on dual modes. Internal combustion engines and electric batteries are typically used in petroleum-electric engines.  There are two kinds of hybrid drivetrains: mild and full hybrid engines. 

Full hybrid vehicles can function alone with electric-powered engines. On the other hand, mild hybrid engines need both gas-powered and battery-driven engines to continuously function.

Next to its fuel efficiency, a hybrid car is designed to be environment-friendly compared to its regular counterparts. Hybrid cars and hybrid vans have lower carbon dioxide discharges.  They have lower emission levels of harmful gases.

Carmakers are exerting more efforts in developing and bringing forth more hybrid models to various car markets. Several models and versions of hybrid cars and hybrid vans are offered in the United States and Europe markets.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna hybrid is the first hybrid van to be offered in the car market. Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, developed this 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder hybrid van engine to answer the growing pleas of car consumers to have more options when it comes to minivans.

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