Comparing Hybrid Pickup

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Comparing Hybrid Pickups

Let us see how the Silverado compares with its contemporary in the hybrid pickup line, the Sierra, side by side.

The Silverado uses regular gasoline, as does the Sierra. Silverados come in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives; the same goes true for the Sierras. Both deliver city driving mileage of 18 mpg and 17 mpg for the 2wheel drive and 4wheel drive models, respectively.

Cruising on the highways at 21mpg and 19mpg for 2wheel drive and 4wheel drive, respectively, again the Silverado is neck to neck with the Sierra. When these two hybrid pickups combine their gasoline and electric motors, both generate mileages of 19 miles and 18 miles to the gallon.

How economical are these hybrid pickups to generate the kind of attention they are getting right now? According to GM, fuel consumption of the Silverado is exactly comparable to the Sierra so much so that both use up only about 5 dollars worth of fuel to drive 25 miles. As to emissions, both are at midlevels in so far as their annual emission rates of greenhouse gases are concerned.

These two are high performance hybrid pickups. Featuring standard wheel drive setups, these models come in performance suspensions and heavy-duty wheels that deliver the rugged performance of pickups.

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And finally, safety wise, they fare better than their conventional counterparts as to national highway safety standards after considering air bag provisions, climate control, on-board navigation, lighting, locks, and steering.

All in all, the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra are hybrid pickups that deliver the punch of full-sized pickup trucks without the high fuel and maintenance costs. Classed as standard pickups, these guys nonetheless live up to expectations for full-sized trucks.