Hybrid Pickup Truck Joins The Army

Hybrid Cars' Growing Influence

The emergence of hybrid cars and vehicles are totally revolutionizing the automobile industry. It has continuously permeated the world market and has successfully influenced big car industries and manufacturers to produce more of its kind. And because of their distinct advantages and benefits, even the United States Army is not letting the opportunity of using this technology pass.

US Army and the Hybrid Pickup Truck

Right now, the United States Army is on the move to integrate and incorporate hybrid car technology to their growing list of strategic defense mechanisms. The Army's planned usage of a hybrid pickup truck for example is a clear manifestation of this.

One particular type of hybrid pickup truck being used by the United States Army is the one designed by General Motors, and all the specifications and configurations of the said military vehicle are exclusively designed for military purposes. For sure Georgie and Dickie will be smirkingly happy about this. The overall body style and framework of the hybrid pickup truck is based on another General Motor's product, the very famous and fabulous Chevy Silverado.

General Details and Specifications

This military hybrid pickup truck can be classified or likened to a light, tactical military vehicle capable of performing certain military operations. Its engine is labeled as V-8 and it can hold up to 6.6 liters of fuel. Since this is powered by the hybrid automobile technology, one must expect optimum performance of the vehicle because it can generate two hundred ten horsepower worth of energy and five hundred forty-five pounds-foot worth of torque force.

Totally expect that the hybrid electric system that governs the military hybrid pickup truck's diesel engine operations will also lessen the rate of fuel consumption that are not really common among ordinary types of military trucks. The estimated range of fuel reduction will be between twenty-five to forty percent, and this will all depend on the type of land or terrain that the military hybrid pickup truck will be subjected to.

In addition to the great modification of the truck's diesel engine, the military hybrid pickup truck is also designed to have a fuel cell auxiliary power unit- a part that will absolutely help the whole military operations perform their tasks and missions faster and more successful. We can definitely say this since we all know how armies utilize the power of portable electronic devices. These equipment are all important for they are used for surveillance, monitoring and communication. For them to be fully operational and efficient, large amounts of power and energy are needed to ensure continuous operation.

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