Fuel Cell Auxilliary Units On Hybrid Pickup Truck

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This is very evident in the power-generation methods done in the past, particularly the usage of a bulky generator in order to create and provide sufficient power to all military vehicles for them to be fully used. One great disadvantage to the usage of these power generators is that not only are they inefficient, unreliable and hard to maintain, but more importantly, they create a very noisy atmosphere which in turn causes major security issues and concerns especially during the performance of certain important military operations.

Hybrid Pickup Truck and the Fuel Cell Auxiliary Unit

Since most people on the military field recognize the disturbance that clunky generators create during military operations, the fuel cell auxiliary unit technology is incorporated into a specific hybrid military pickup truck. This particular system guarantees a safe and quiet generation of power and energy enough to keep these types of military vehicles operational.

Distinct Advantages

The great advantage of using fuel cell auxiliary unit during military operations is clearly seen on the way it can silently and secretly produce power during military combats or operations. This definitely poses a great advantage especially when they are fighting enemies.

Moreover, these types of generators doesn't only produce lesser noise but they also emit lesser heat as compared to regular power generators, which in turn makes it ideal for military men to escape the heat sensors of the enemy more easily.

A Great Future For Hybrid Technology

The efficiency and other advantages that the hybrid technology provides to vehicles can really give a great future to the United States Military Army. As a matter of fact, the military hybrid pickup truck manufactured by General Motors can become the future model of thousands of other light, tactical vehicles that the whole army owns and wants to utilize by the end of the decade.

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The Marines also expressed their interest in purchasing a specific type of hybrid pickup truck by forging a deal to a Milwaukee-based company to create prototypes for them of hybrid cargo hauling vehicles.