All-Family Feel: Hybrid Minivans

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Estima Hybrid Safety and Comfort

The Estima Hybrid comes in 3-door and 4-door models, for that all-family easy access and feel. The family hybrid minivan that it is, features mono- and in some versions dual sunroofs, the standard safety air bags, center side airbags, impact zones, anti-lock braking systems, and other safety features.

It also comes loaded with many of the much-awaited amenities of the HVM4 concept minivan like the multi-media monitors, multi-purpose dash panels with digital displays, entertainment consoles, and power locks, windows, and doors.

The Estima hybrid minivan's HSD drivetrain has its auto-parking feature for parallel and backing-in. The drivetrain works to optimum with the support of the supercharger electric motor. It is a breeze to bring in seven or eight people all seated comfortably in this minivan, made possible through the Estima's unique 3-set seating configurations.

The configurations come with splitting and folding benches in the middle and last rows, swiveling chairs, adjustable long benches at the back. The various configurations allow for five to six passengers at the back to recline comfortably, as do the driver and front passenger up ahead.

Environment-Friendly Minivans

The Toyota Estima hybrid remains an eco-friendly minivan. Its hybrid electric train allows it to efficiently consume fuel without the toxic level of emission of dioxide gases. Fuel efficiency is reportedly double compared to same-sized minivans of other car manufacturers, owing to the lightweight body and egg-shaped aerodynamics, both contributing to lesser drag and wind resistance.

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Combining all these fuel-saving, zero-emitting features with the entertainment amenities and sure-safety standard issues, the Toyota Estima Hybrid minivan is worthy of acclaim if only to show it rides on the Toyota platform and conviction that quality, safety, efficiency, and comfort can all come in one holistic package. So whether one calls it a Previa or a Sienna or an Estima, the Toyota hybrid minivan is one minivan to reckon with.