Hybrid Honda Cars: Most Sought After

With several car manufacturers in the market today, the predicament of selecting which vehicle brand and model to purchase must be quite challenging. However, one of the most sought after car brand and models nowadays are the hybrid Honda cars.  

It was in the late 90s when Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, released the first of the hybrid Honda cars. Four years after the first hybrid model, Honda released the Accord and the 2003 Honda Civic hybrids. Two more hybrid Honda cars were released separately in 2006 and in 2007.

The Honda Insight

Honda Insight was first manufactured in Japan in 1997. Two years after, the Insight was manufactured in the United States. This hybrid vehicle was the first mass-manufactured hybrid Honda car in the US. Based on the EPA criteria, the 5-speed manual transmission of the Honda Insight makes it the most fuel-efficient mass-manufactured hybrid vehicle in the United States.

As one of the popular hybrid Honda cars, the Insight offers a 3-cylinder engine and a brushless electric motor positioned on the crankshaft of the vehicle. This hybrid has a group of 144 V NiMH batteries. When the Honda Insight has heavy acceleration, the electric motor supplies the additional power. When decelerating, the motor operates as a generator recharging the batteries. Sadly, Honda ceased creating Insight hybrids in September of 2006. Ye, there may be still some Insight hybrid models around. Honda is contemplating on manufacturing a replacement vehicle that is more petite in 2009.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord was one of the hybrid Honda cars manufactured in 2003. The Accord features both electric and gas V-6 engines. This is one of most popular hybrid cars in the automobile market. This Honda hybrid is recognized as environmental-friendly since it meets the vehicle standards for low emission. With over 40 MG, this Honda hybrid car is indeed fuel-efficient.

For several people, one drawback to this vehicle can be its price in the market.  One of the latest hybrid Honda cars, the 2007 Honda Accord hybrid, is sold around $31,000. Nonetheless, tax breaks presently available in the US are worth taking into consideration. The Honda Accord can qualify for a tax break amounting as much as $4,000.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of the sought-after hybrid Honda cars. It is more affordable, and a smaller adaptation of the Accord. The Honda Civic was first produced in 2003. This vehicle is considered to be of good quality and a cost-efficient hybrid car.

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