Drive-By-Wire Hybrid Honda Cars

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A Honda hybrid car has a 110-hp, 8-Valve SOHC i-VTEC® 4-Cylinder Engine and Continuously Variable Transmission.  This car goes around 40 to 50 MPG, making it a wonderful selection for those car buyers searching for more mileage on a galloon of fuel. The Honda Civic retails around $22,000.

The Honda Civic also qualifies for a tax break. The amount of tax break that a hybrid owner can get depends on which US state they are in.

Honda Civic Hybrid 2007

The 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid has a standard feature called “Multiple Fuel Injection”. This is a system that infuses fuel into each cylinder. This is opposite to a carburetor or throttle body injections that infuses fuel at one instance in the intake system.

This hybrid car has “Drive-by-Wire Throttle System” which advances engine effectiveness while lessening car emissions. It substitutes the old throttle control system with an electronic structure, which is more reliable, needs no oil, and influenced by external forces like cold or hot temperatures.

The sleek 2007 Honda Civic hybrid has a front-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive means that it is not the rear wheels that move the vehicle but the front ones. This is an advantage for better vehicle handling and control.


Another feature of this hybrid car is the “Direct Ignition System with Immobilizer”. Hypothetically, the benefit of this system compared with conventional ignition systems is that it does not have elements that can wear out and result in future troubles when you try to start your vehicle.

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The unit-body construction is another feature of the 2007 Honda Civic hybrid car. This system attempts to decrease the weight of the car making it fuel-efficient. This hybrid car is equipped with MacPherson strut front suspension. However, the trouble with this is that the wheel essentially bend – affecting the speed of the vehicle’s turn.  And last but not the least, this hybrid car is equipped with a spare tire like most vehicles are.

Hybrid Honda cars have gone a long way in such a short time. With Honda's continuous vehicle research, we can expect more efficient and strong hybrid Honda cars to hit the market.