Hybrid Convertible In The Stockholm Motor Show

Many car manufacturers have always targeted and dreamed of releasing to the public hybrid convertible cars that will promote the same or better features compared to the standard hybrid cars. One car company that managed to achieve this goal is Saab, a global car-manufacturing giant based in Sweden and in many other parts of world. In a recent Stockholm Motor Show, it unveiled to the eager public its new car innovation branded as BioPower Hybrid 9-3 Convertible Concept. Once totally manufactured and released, this will be the first hybrid convertible car ever that is fossil-fuel-free.

How it Works

The whole hybrid convertible car combines a two hundred sixty horsepower and two-liter BioPower combustion engine that is capable of operating on pure ethanol fuel appropriate for front-wheel driving. This particular mechanism also features dual electric systems and motors that drive the rear and front wheels. This particular hybrid convertible car also has a new SIDI direct injection mechanism, a first for the company of Saab, which permits the switch to convert blended or mixed ethanol or gasoline to pure ethanol, even during cold weather.

It is because of the combination of these engine features that the 9-3 system of this hybrid convertible will propel the car to reach speeds of up to one hundred kilometers per hour in  less than seven seconds. At the other end of the line, this hybrid convertible will only run using electricity under Zero-Mode at speeds reaching up to fifty kilometers per hour. The combustion engine instantly operates to its maximum performance if the battery runs down or if the force applied is increased.

Saab Press Release

It was in the press release of Saab that all the specific features of this BioPower hybrid convertible car were discussed. Apart from total zero emission of fossil fuels, one distinct feature that makes this particular hybrid convertible special is that it will pair a turbo-charged engine to a battery-operated and charged full hybrid drive mechanism that promises to deliver astounding car performance and great gas mileage.

Zero Mode, Zero Emission, Zero Consumption

When you use the Saab Hybrid Convertible car, the driver can press Zero Mode button and he or she can then drive electrically with speeds reaching up to fifty kilometers per hour. The powerful turbo-charged batteries have the capability to drive ten to twenty kilometers without necessarily utilizing the combustion engine...

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