Saab Goes For The Hybrid Convertible

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This particular aspect of the hybrid convertible car is totally apt for those people who love to use their cars for commuting, and is perfectly compatible for areas that are usually congested with traffic (and this requires cars to perform at much lower speeds). The hybrid convertible car however will immediately turn into a normal hybrid system when the driver increases the speed of it for over fifty kilometers per hour, or if the driver needs stronger acceleration and if the charge of the car battery runs low.

The combustion engine is well tuned, finely designed, greatly structured and smoothly engaged. If the hybrid convertible car is in normal mode, it instantly shifts to a turbo-charged combustion powered by bioethanol, battery or a combination of both. In a case a driver is driving the car and he stops the car because of a red traffic light, the engine instantly shuts down. This will then pave the opportunity for the driver to push the accelerator and the three motors will be engaged right off the spot.

Next Generation of BioPower

The direct engine system or SIDI that will be utilized by this innovative hybrid convertible car will allow the whole automobile to run smoothly without any gas required. This system is already tested and is deemed to run perfectly even under cold weather conditions.

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The turbo-charging features of the engine are also well tuned to make it achieve a higher octane rating because of the usage of pure bio-ethanol. This means that the engine will be upgraded and powered to produce two hundred sixty bhp and a massive three hundred seventy-five Newton meter torque.

As for the aspect of acceleration, the engine is boosted by double electrically powered motors that comprise the hybrid mechanism of the hybrid convertible car. In fact, even at low speeds and thrusts, they can temporarily increase a seven hundred eighty-six Newton meter torque on the force of the engine alone. This is all done with convenience due to the automatic transmission feature of the car.