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Toyota Minivans

Toyota has added a model and make to its powerful lineup of hybrid cars. It has included hybrid minivans among its products to satisfy the need of customers for a roomier yet compact hybrid.

The Toyota minivan that hit the US market is the Sienna hybrid. This is known to be a top performer, too, although this is already a fact since all hybrid cars by Toyota are known for superb and consistent performance.

Among the best features of Sienna hybrid is its ability to shift from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive in a certain situation, automatically. This gives you an edge over other hybrid sedans in the market. Sienna hybrid is like a larger sedan but as powerful as an SUV. Secondly, Sienna hybrids can stop its engine from running when it is at rest (say waiting for the traffic light to turn green, or if the traffic was slow-moving).

The "Plug-In" Toyota

Toyota is giving its avid customers hints on what the next lines of hybrid cars by Toyota would be. One of the most talked about features is the possibility that all hybrid cars by Toyota will become full-pledged battery-run or a "Plug-in" hybrid car.

Sidebar: The next article in the Toyota section is on the Sienna hybrid car.

Plug-in hybrids are free from fuel and will run solely on electrical energy. This means that having a car is just like owning an iPod; all you have to do is recharge it when the battery drains out.

Owners of a plug-in hybrid will not worry about prices of petroleum shooting up. The only thing left to worry about is to remind oneself of plugging in the car at a 110V before a long highway drive.

If this feature is perfected, we can be assured that all hybrid cars by Toyota will be easy to use, maintain and drive around. As easy as "plug-and-play."