Hybrid Cars Honda: Performance To The Max

Honda has always been at the forefront of automotive design and safety. Now, like its contemporaries, Honda is venturing into another frontier - environment-friendly cars - and what a winner it has to offer in the Accord Hybrid.

Hybrid Cars by Honda: Looks That Impress

Honda cars have always been known for their good looks. The Civic, the Accord, and a host of other models are truly eye-catching and leave the viewer in awe. Looking at a graphite-colored Accord Hybrid, with its sleek aerodynamic design, one wonders if hybrids can really look so handsome. Even the alloy wheels look great, without discounting their special design to minimize wind resistance and increase mileage.

And wait till you open the door and get inside. Luxurious leather seats, dashing dashboard, power adjustments, all give the driver a feeling he is inside a space-age car while he enjoys a great view of the road he is taking the Accord Hybrid to.

It Rides its Performance to the Max

The Accord hybrid’s double wishbone front suspension makes for an easy, comfortable drive. With a 5-speed automatic transmission, and an integrated motor assist system, fuel efficiency and power are brought to the max. Its electric motor assists the gasoline engine by supplying additional power when needed. And talk about power steering: this Honda hybrid car’s electric power steering system makes steering so feather-touch-sensitive!

While the Honda Accord Hybrid is basically a gasoline-car, its ‘electric assistant’ uses a battery pack that will last up to ten years under normal driving conditions; and these batteries are rechargeable automatically. The batteries are nickel-metal hydride, and they are recharged through a remarkable process: just brake and they are recharged! This is called regenerative braking where energy from the forwarding momentum is captured when the brakes are applied. This energy is harnessed to recharge the battery.

This car’s comfort and safety features are really something to look forward to.

Now, look at the outstanding features to acclimatize and protect the passengers. This hybrid is designed under the same strict safety standards that Honda is famous for.

A satellite navigation system guides the driver on even the most unfamiliar roads and terrain. The Accord Hybrid has a dual-zone hybrid climate-control system that’s fully automatic. Its hybrid air-conditioning system adds to fuel efficiency as the air-con switches to its electric compressor when the car would rather use its engine power elsewhere.

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