Protecting The Environment: Hybrid Cars Honda

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Honda Accord...You won't have worry about speed and slip. Built into this Honda hybrid car is the vehicle-stability assist system that helps the driver maintain control of the car even under the worst conditions. The anti-lock braking system is standard. And there are side-curtain airbags for all the passengers. Safety, indeed!

What about Protecting the Environment?

What will this hybrid car by Honda be if not protective of the environment? It has an advanced technology partial-zero emission system that keeps carbon dioxide and other emissions low, so low or near-zero are its evaporative emissions that it exceeds the standards set for gas-fueled cars.

Its variable cylinder management system provides power and efficiency as the integrated motor assist feature gives the engine power at the exact time it is needed. And this has an added idle-stop feature so that when this Honda hybrid car stops and goes on idle mode, the system temporarily shuts off the gas engine thereby saving fuel and limiting emissions. The electric motor will engage the transmission automatically and the gasoline engine is re-started.

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The Honda hybrid car is a legacy of Honda’s continuing quest for technological progress and social responsibility. It is a testament to the search for developments that not only result in design evolutions and model innovations, but in functionality and safety as well. The good looks, the sleek designs, these are aesthetics for a deeper sense of responsibility to ensure safety, environment protection, and rider satisfaction. As Honda’s leaders say, it is all about changing the world of automobiles, the wider world that is.