Hybrid Car Sales Continue to Go Up

In early 2000s, car makers were not sure of a hybrid car's commercial sustainability. They had offered for mass distribution the hybrid prototype that they have been creating, testing and testing again since the late 1980s. They were surprised to find that in less than a decade, hybrid car sales have consistenly gone up.

Why Car Makers Go the Hybrid Route

Car makers did not create hybrid cars for altruistic reasons: they wanted to create an alternative vehicle to the conventional car - and if they were successful, they can dominate the automotive industry and enjoy a large market share under the alternative car category.

As they say, news flies. And when there was a news from the grapevine about one car manufacturer going the hybrid route, they follow suit because of course, they would not want to be left behind. And when a prototype has been released to public, such as the time when Toyota unveiled its Prius, other car makers also released their own prototypes, each proclaiming that their technology was the car of tomorrow. Even those who had not embarked yet on hybrid research and production created their own department specifically for that special car.

Nonetheless, economists who were less optimistic about how hybrid cars will fare predicted that hybrids were just a fad and hybrid car sales will remain extremely lower than the sales of conventional vehicles.

To the surprise of many, and even the hybrid critics, hybrid cars were accepted well on their initial release to consumers and according to experts, hybrid car sales are not just going up, they will continue to go up and will soar after 20 years of being offered to buyers.

Hybrid Car Sales Figures

The steady advance of hybrid car sales is attributed to the release of Japanese made hybrid cars such as those form Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. These mass produced cars gave rise to affordable yet functional and well-performing hybrid cars.

And when these Japanese hybrid cars had finally penetrated the European market, the so-so hybrid car sales in Europe increased.

From Sedan to SUVs

With the promising hybrid car sales figures, car makers are now creating hybrid prototypes other than four-door sedans. Now, they boast of hybrid minivans and SUV.

Hybrid Car Sales~continue