Tax Incentives Boost Hybrid Car Sales

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Currently, there is a clamor for distribution of mass produced Toyota minivan, such as the Toyota Sienna hybrid and Toyota Estima hybrid. It has not been offered in the United States, and people are wanting to have these vehicles that are larger than sedans. The reason for this is that the American market had a good experience with Toyota's Prius, leading buyers to believe that Toyota minivans will also perform well.

According to car experts, these Toyota minivans have a handsome design and perform well even on difficult and rocky roads. With these rave reviews, many Americans are clamoring for the distribution of these minivans to the US market. They even created an online petition for this matter.

And if hybrid minivans entered the US market, hybrid car sales figures will definitely shoot up.

Why People Want Hybrid

In the US, hybrid car makers are very active in promoting hybrid cars to people and environmental groups and other concerned people are backing up their promotion, thus the message about hybrid has been reaching a large percentage of the American population.

With these, even non-environmentalists are wanting to shift to hybrid and other cars that are fueled by other than petroleum. Currently, in the US, there are cars that are being fueled by bio-diesel, hydrogen, and bio-gas.

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People are going hybrid because they have been informed of the fact that hybrids have low to zero smoke emission and save in gas consumption. Add the fact that owning a hybrid means a person is cool; it was like using Firefox as a browser instead of Internet Explorer.

Aside from these, hybrid buyers get substantial tax breaks from the IRS. The reason for this is that the Federal government is promoting use of hybrid cars to protect Mother Earth. With the promotion of hybrid cars by individuals, non-profit organizations and the Federal government, we can expect that the current steady advance of hybrid car sales will grow even stronger.