Hybrid Car Rental: Going Clean and Green

If you are travelling to another state and you plan to leave your car behind, renting a car instead of riding a cab is the most practical choice for you. This is most especially true if you plan to go around the state, visit places you haven't gone before and make more out of your business travel. And if you haven't driven a hybrid car before, now is the time to try it out, do a test drive and see how it fares. Since your suitcase is ready and pocket money in place, the only problem left is for you to find the best hybrid car rental and what types of hybrid car should you pick.

Why Rent a Hybrid Car?

The hybrid car is relatively new in the automotive industry. It is still in, as a programmer will put it, a working beta stage. Thus, renting for one will allow you to test drive a new technology and likewise give you an idea of its performance.

But one thing is for sure: with hybrid cars, you can be assured of less smoke emission and less fuel consumption. Helps the environment, saves you on dollars.

Types of Hybrid Cars Offered

Not all car rentals offer hybrid cars to their customers. The reason is that hybrid cars are more expensive as compared to regular cars. With this factor, only a few businessmen would invest their money to establish a hybrid car rental business. But unbeknownst to them (to those who are uninitiated with hybrid cars), hybrid cars will save them a lot of trouble for engine maintenance and customers will rent from them again knowing that hybrid cars can save them dollars for fuel refills.

A brand new Toyota Prius is expensive. It therefore follows that a hybrid car rental company will offer it to you at a higher price too, as compared to other types and makes of hybrid cars. If you are tight in budget and can't afford a Prius, there is an alternative solution for you.

For affordable four doors sedans, a hybrid car rental will show you a Ford Focus Hybrid or a Mercury Mariner. These are priced nearly half of Toyota Prius; thus, these cars are your top picks if you were scrimping on hybrid car rental costs.

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