Hybrid Car Models For Singles And Families

When hybrids were first introduced, the only hybrid car model in existence was a four-door sedan. This left other people who didn't want a sedan with no choice but to forego buying hybrid cars. However, since environmentally-concerned people have united in promoting hybrid cars and they replaced their vehicles with electric/fuel powered or bio-diesel fueled cars, hybrid car sales have gone up, prompting car makers to create hybrid car models other than a sedan. This is to supply the current demand of customers for diverse looks and modern specifications.

US, European and Japanese car makers all have their own hybrid car models. Yet the most popular and best selling hybrid car models are those that were created by the Japanese. Currently, 60% of the total US hybrid sales goes to Toyota for its Toyota Prius model. Competing against Toyota are Honda, Ford and Chrysler.

Hybrid Car Models for Singles

Honda's Civic is one well designed sedan which is suitable for the discriminating needs of singles, both bachelors and bachelorettes. Honda is well known for creating killer designs and well-performing engines; thus, even with its other hybrid car models, you couldn't go wrong.

Civic is pure economy at its best. It only has 4 cylinders, which consume less fuel than 6-cylinder engines. Its gasoline powered engine is supported by a lightweight electric motor to shift from fuel to electricity, when needed.

The favorite of many, the Toyota Prius, is an affordable yet powerful hybrid car. To date, Prius is the best selling and highest rated hybrid car among all hybrid car models. Its design is classy, its interior is a notch upscale from conventional mass produced vehicles, and its hybrid engine is excellent. Users, critics and car enthusiasts rate Toyota Prius as the number one hybrid car.

Hybrid Car Models for a Family Man

For a family man the choices of hybrid car models may be limited by these factors: (1) it must be affordable; (2) it must save on fuel and (3) it must be spacious to accommodate the growing number of family members.

Among the lines of hybrid car models, only a hybrid minivan can meet a family man's need. For one, a hybrid minivan is cheaper as compared to larger hybrid vehicles such as trucks and pickups.

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