Questions And Answers: Hybrid Cars For Sale

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Honda and Toyota do not specify whether you can tow something behind their hybrid cars. However, it is normally done, except for Insight, because its frame is made of aluminum. Civic Hybrid and Prius may tow anything that has below 100 pounds of tongue weight. Nevertheless, always be careful.

Will you encounter any problems if you store hybrid cars for a long time?

If a hybrid car is stored for under 3 months, then you shouldn't worry about anything. But if you decide to keep it for a much longer period, then it's recommended that it should be run for around 30 minutes every 3 months. This is to give their batteries the boost they need and just to simply check if it's still in good running condition, once you decide to use them again.

How often should you replace hybrid batteries?

Will these be expensive and disposing them an environmental dilemma? The hybrid batteries used are designed so they can last for a long, long time. It's meant to run an approximate 150,000 or 200,000 miles or even farther than that. Warranties covering the batteries fall between 8 to 10 years, but this will vary according to the car manufacturer.

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One of the concerns can be battery toxicity, though hybrid cars for sale utilize NiMH batteries and not the nickel cadmium which are considered to be hazards to the environment. Nickel metals are recyclable and totally benign. Honda and Toyota promise that dead batteries would be recycled so they will not render any hazard to the environment. Toyota even includes a phone number in every manufactured car which you can dial. This is to ensure that they are properly recycled.

As to the replacement costs, there is hardly any word, as batteries are not really replaced. Ever since Prius was sold in the market starting 2000, Toyota said they have yet to replace a single battery.

If you're looking for  hybrid cars for sale, then there's no need to dilly-dally. Nevertheless, if doubts set in, don't be afraid to ask and be informed.