Honda Hybrid Civic: Car Of The Future?

To say it's stylish will be an understatement. The Honda Hybrid Civic’s style is the car of the future. Under the hood one sees a sleek, lightweight and low-friction 4-cylinder engine with i-VTEC torque enhancement. This is supported by a DC electric motor to complete the hybrid setup.

The Honda Hybrid Civic is no doubt an environment-friendly car. But that does not mean it can not go space-age and tech-savvy in all its other features. Its gracious interior and stellar performance will attest to the futuristic insights of the Honda Hybrid Civic.

Environmental-bound, the Honda Hybrid Civic brings with it the latest technologies of Honda vis-à-vis effecting a positive environmental change. The refined gasoline electric powertrain delivers EPA ratings of 49 MPG on city driving and 51 MPG on the highway. The Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle rating only means that the air is cleaner when it is a Honda Hybrid Civic passing by.

Environmental can be Luxurious and Gracious Too

Look at the insides of the Honda Hybrid Civic and your world is transformed. This hybrid is loaded with a Honda satellite-linked navigation system with voice recognition. The audio system is superb and drives in the orchestra into your long drives. An average fuel consumption indicator is also inside to remind you that with your Honda Hybrid Civic, you drive efficiently at all times.

The stellar performance of the fuel-efficient Honda Hybrid Civic is the result of long years of technical innovation at Honda. The hybrid technology integrated Motor Assist is powerfully efficient and consists of a 1.3 liter 8-valve i-VTEC four cylinder gasoline engine mated to a high-output electric motor that automatically adds extra power and punch to your gas engine. It is also equipped with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) system that gives you the luxury of experiencing the best of both automatic and manual transmissions, ease from the former, efficiency from the latter. It even has a feature that automatically shuts down the gasoline engine when the car stops, saving on gas in the process.

Cutting-Edge Features

Backed by cutting-edge safety technology, the Honda Hybrid Civic has a lot of features that ensure passenger protection from whatever odds. The top safety pick of buyers, the Honda Hybrid Civic garnered the 2006 “Top Safety Pick – Gold” Award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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