Standard Safety Features of the Honda Hybrid Civic

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The Honda Hybrid Civic has standard safety features like the side curtain airbags and the dual-stage front airbags. The advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) structure of the Civic’s body ploughs down the crash energy in impact situations. All the doors have side-impact beams that will withstand intrusion into the passenger space. Needless to say, the seat belts are 3-point with pre-tensioners, for all the seats mind you, and the brakes are with anti-lock assist.

You want to be relaxed of course during long hauls. Get ready to rock and roll with the superb audio provided by the Honda Hybrid Civic. It comes with standard 160 watts AM/FM stereo, CD player, XMD Satellite Radio, MPR input jack, six speakers, and digital audio-card reader.

The auto day/night mirror with compass reduces the glare of bright headlights from cars that are following you. Quality leather comforts your hands as you grab and caress the steering wheel. All season floor mats keep the car’s floor and carpet free from wet prints.

Sidebar: The next article is on hybrid Honda cars.

A neophyte would want to have the Honda Hybrid Civic for a friend as it brings Honda’s world-wide leadership in innovation and development of exceptional vehicles that help reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. The Honda Hybrid Civic does not require any special kind of fuel (like bio-fuel for example) as it uses conventional type of unleaded gasoline. Fuel efficiency, for the umpteenth time, is remarkable. This hybrid is a no-plug one. It is not the "plug-in" type of hybrid that allows one to recharge a car as though he is recharging a cellular phone. Its battery recharges and gets energy from itself whenever it is cruising, idle, or in a full stop.

And on the Outside?

The Honda Hybrid Civic does look good, with front under spoilers that accentuate the aerodynamic looks. Side spoilers highlight the air-design. The rear spoiler is gorgeous. And wheel locks are tamper resistant. Splash guards create a sporty look while adding protection. Door edge guards protect against door dings. It also has a full nose mask to keep this Hybrid’s paint and finish always new.