Optimum Performance From Honda Civic Hybrid Cars

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The Honda Civic hybrid is the zenith of efficiency and smoothness. It carries the remarkable Honda hybrid technology Integrated Motor Assist or IMA system that comprises of competent 1.3 liter, 8-valve, i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine matched only with a lightweight and high-yield electric motor for added power.  Endowed with A CVT or continuously variable transmission that combines automatic’s comfort with that of manual’s competence, expect the Honda Civic hybrid car to go smooth all the way.

Optimum Performance

When you stop, the Honda Hybrid Civic’s gasoline engine simultaneously shuts down with the idle-stop feature so you save on gas and preserves air’s freshness as well. Very few cars have the ability to perform a down to zero deactivation. When not needed, the Hybrid Civic deactivates all of its cylinders, leaving the electric motor alone to power the car. At certain times, the variable valve system works to allow some cylinders to open.

Other winning features of this vehicle are reduced friction and efficient combustion. It makes use of friction-reducing engine design and eight spark plugs that can run in two ways. It also offers flexibility in the firing order for a more absolute fuel combustion.

The Real Deal

While you’re still wondering how all these amazing features were packed in Honda Civic Hybrid, the advantages are not yet entirely listed. You’ve got a good looking car with superb performance and an inherent care for the environment and for your safety. Yes, you got more protection on the road with a Honda Hybrid Civic.

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This car has earned high safety positions in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance for Institute for Highway Safety (IIHA) because of its multiple load paths. These load paths regulates access of the vehicle’s structure by absorbing most of the crash energy. Energy that gets through will be moderated by the eight standard air bags. Safety is definitely a point to look for in a vehicle.

Honda Civic hybrid cars are the ones to beat with an undeniably affordable price.  With all these features and more, green is surely the way to go.