Ford Hybrids And Ethanol

Several years after the conception of hybrid vehicles, the “hybrid-mania” persists to develop strength amidst the flux in fuel prices and increase in attractive hybrid packages. Ford Motor Company is presenting Ford hybrids that will function on a combination of E85 ethanol (formula of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) and electric power. 

The Ford Escape Hybrid E85 is the world's pioneer hybrid able to run on E85. This is a renewable fuel that can be yielded from American-grown corn. Since Ethanol also does not emit fossil-based CO2, it can be utilized as a fuel replacement for gasoline. This would mean lesser vehicle greenhouse emissions.

According to research, if Ford hybrids running on E85 fuel powered even 5 percent of the United States vehicle fleet, then importation of foreign oil could be diminished by over 200 million oil barrels every year.

Hybrids Have Tax  Benefits

From state governors and federal legislators to insurance firms, a number of individuals are appreciating the significance of intensifying the quantity of Ford hybrids on the American streets. Hybrid car purchasers will be eligible for a federal tax credit that will substitute tax deductions.

The federal tax loan is an additional end-product gain for vehicle buyers since it openly lessens car buyer’s tax bill instead of plainly diminishing a buyer’s taxable earnings.Ford hybrids buyers, for example, can acquire a $1,950 for the four-wheel-drive model, and $2,600 credit for a two-wheel-drive car.

George Pataki, governor of New York stated that he desires to renew the $2,000 personal income tax credit for procuring a hybrid car. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has projected a $500 sales tax credit for the acquisition of any of the nine brands of fuel-efficient automobiles. The nine brands include the Toyota, Honda, and Ford hybrids.

Several U.S. states are deliberating in permitting single-occupant drivers to escape the rush hour crisis and into their high-occupancy car lanes.

Hybrid advantages are also expanding to the private sector. Travelers Insurance presents ten percent reduction to individuals owning hybrid vehicles like Ford hybrids in the United States. According to the company, hybrid car owners fall into the favored insured class. Meaning, hybrid owners are lower-risk drivers.

Strengthening Hybrids

Earlier, J.D. Power and Associates published a hybrid trade prediction. According to their report, gas-electric car sales will shoot up to around 780,000 sales by 2012. As forecast, there will be a 268 percent boost from the 212,000 vehicles in 2005.

From 1.3 percent in 2005, market shares will reach 4.2 percent by 2010.  The growing number of hybrid offerings is the number one reason cited by Power that strengthened the hybrid industry...

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