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Ford Hybrids: "Best Value"

Great automobile deals in the car industry are powered by gas-electric engines, according to Vincentric. Vincentric is an organization that investigates and evaluates vehicle deals. Vincentric says that hybrid cars are one of the “Best Value in America”.  Ford hybrids and other hybrid models from Honda and Toyota were named as “Best Value in America” in their individual segments.

The company evaluated over 1,800 car configurations and calculated the expenses to purchase and operate each car. Eight cost aspects were gauged to conclude the total cost of ownership. These factors were car repairs, taxes and state fees, depreciation, maintenance, opportunity cost, fuel, financing, and insurance.

Vincentric President David Wurster said that hybrid vehicles are advantageous over three main aspects. Hybrids have strong fuel-efficiency ratings, federal tax credit, and the strong lingering values due to the high-level of demand for these vehicles.

Features of 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

The 2005 Ford Escape hybrid is foremost of the latest class of fuel efficient and low emmission hybrid SUVs to emerge in the United States. What is noteworthy is Ford selected its well-liked Escape as the model for first SUV hybrid.

The 2005 Escape is an electric vehicle with gasoline motor back-up. This technology, more known as "full" hybrid sytem, follows the technology of which Toyota has started with the Prius model.

As one of the elegant Ford hybrids, the Escape operates solely on electric motor in low load circumstances like city-type driving, stop and go. The vehicle’s battery, the alternative energy source, is regenerated during breaks and deceleration, and when it is running on gasoline.

The Escape’s electrically charged battery is situated underneath the rear storage area. It does not take up any storage space at all. This car sports the look of a regular Ford Escape XLT, complete with FWD and 4FD except for its hybrid system.

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The prime machineries of the Escape system are a standard Ford Duratec 2.3L 4-cylinder gasoline engine synchronized with a 70KW (equivalent to 94hp) permanent magnet traction engine.

The electric engine can thrust the car forward on its own or in concert with the gasoline engine to supply an operation equivalent to a regular V6. The gasoline engine shoots up effortlessly (within 400 milliseconds) when extra power is desired like during hard acceleration or fast speed highway driving. With this technology, it makes Ford hybrids a strong competitor for the hybrid market share.