Eco-Friendly: Ford Escape Hybrid Review

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And you want to know what else is inside? The interior also features eco-friendly cloth seat fabric that is made from recyclable materials. The fabric is not only earthy, but durable, comfortable, and stylish, too.

Eco-Friendly does not Mean Less Sophistication and Technology

The Ford Hybrid Escape's intelligent vehicle system controller is the brain behind this hybrid’s power management system. The electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission transfers powers to the wheels so smoothly that one never notices the shift points. No more upshifts and downshifts of conventional automatic transmissions.

The Escape Hybrid comes with a power moonroof and satellite radios. The sound system is equipped with audio input jacks for MP3 players and other portable sound systems.

Its Navigation system tracks the three main modes of operating: hybrid drive, electric drive, and idle charging.

Safety and Versatility, Too

The Escape Hybrid is one versatile machine down to the smallest details. With 3-tier storage system at the redesigned floor console, the hidden storage can accommodate a laptop computer or a purse. The Ford Hybrid Escape can carry up to a hundred pounds of cargo on its roof rack leaving you plenty of space inside, as if there is not enough of it yet. The storage space behind the rear seat is easily accessible with a flip of the rear lift-glass.

And Ultimately, Capability

With V6-like acceleration and four-wheel drive capabilities, a sporty 155 horsepower is generated by the combined maximum performance of the gasoline engine and the electric motor. The intelligent 4WD system lets the driver take on rugged terrain in a breeze.

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Rough mountain road or smooth city pavings, the Ford Hybrid Escape takes them on all. And no worry even with rough handling, as passengers are protected with a safety canopy system with rollover sensors and side curtain airbags. The innovative Personal Safety System uses a network of sensors to enhance protection.