Ford Hybrid Cars: Advancing Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Technologies

While Ford Motors may not be that pioneering in marketing hybrid vehicles, it is surely making its mark. It banners its Escape Hybrid and Mariner Hybrid units, 2008 models that will definitely earn their marks in the hybrid market.

Remaining firm in its environmental sustainability programs, Ford Motors continue to boost the development of alternative technologies for fuel like hydrogen, diesel, and flexible fuel through the creation of Ford hybrid cars. Ford vehicles are continuously achieving 30 miles to the gallon levels.

In 2008, Ford hybrid cars will begin arriving by January. With the conventional Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner will come their cross-bred brothers, the Escape Hybrid and the Mariner Hybrid. These vehicles will all be brandishing new calculated EPA estimates. This means fuel economy for Ford lovers who can expect that EPA calculations on fuel economy have covered and accounted for additional factors like air-conditioning, high-speed driving, instant accelerations, and temperature effects.

Hybrid Powertrain

Ford hybrid models, like the Escape Hybrid compact SUV, can run on electric motor at below 25 miles per hour, then on gasoline engine at high-speed, or, as will be determined by the hybrid system, on combination of both electric motor and gasoline engine.

Ford Motors declare that the FWD Hybrid can deliver more than 55 percent fuel economy, not to mention super ultra-low emissions (SULEV II) and advanced technology partial zero emissions (AT-PZEV) standards being achieved.

The hybrid powertrain is a combination of several components: an efficient cycle I-4 engine, a 70-kilowatt electric motor, electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT), back-up motor/generator for engine start, nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery packs, and an electronic vehicle controller that oversees system inputs, vehicle drive, engine start, and battery charging.

Great Exteriors and Interiors

Take the Escape Hybrid. It is one good looking hybrid SUV.

When this Ford hybrid is operating on battery power, a green zone gauge package with economy indicator tells the driver the vehicle is running on battery. The charge level is shown in the display. A navigation system as an option can bring a premium stereo, an energy flow diagram, operations and fuel efficiency displays.

Five passengers are seated easily. Over 62 cubic feet are available for cargo space when the rear seats are folded flat. The battery pack is below the rear load floor.

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