Green Book Online On Ford Hybrid Cars

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Driving an Escape Hybrid will be quite an experience. Not so much during normal driving but one will notice that the engine shuts down when the vehicle decelerates, then when the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal, the engine restarts quickly. The electronic transmission finds the engine’s best speed for efficiency for great hard or uphill accelerations. Regenerative braking allows for battery charging as the controller switches the engine drive motor to generator duty.

Parking is a cinch with the electric power steering. Agility is easy when handling the small SUV. Braking is double-purpose. All these and more: as the hybrid accelerates in about the same strength as a V-6, at around 50 miles per hour.

Standard Features

Fords hybrids will carry standard equipments like hybrid-specific aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes and 4-wheel anti-lock brake systems, power windows and locks, power driver’s seat, cruise controls mounted on the steering wheel, front fog lamps, dash CD player, center console, anti-theft system, and tire-pressure monitors.

The intelligent 4WD system is optional. The Ford premium package is a Ford-patent safety canopy system that includes side air curtains and rollover sensors along the front seat airbags.

Colors come in clear-coat metallic shades. A special package features an appearance package of silver metallic fascias that give the hybrid a monochromatic appearance when combined with clear-coat metallic.

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And how about heated front seats, heated side mirrors, Hybrid Energy Audio and Navigation System, the works?

The Escape Hybrid Recognized

To crown Ford’s efforts on its hybrid models, the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy has acknowledged in its Green Book Online the Escape Hybrid for its environmental scores. The recognition means that this hybrid is representative of the best in its class in environmental friendliness.

Dubbed as one of the Greener Choices of 2007, the Escape Hybrid, and probably pretty soon, the Mariner Hybrid, will be the cars of choice of environmental protection advocates. The company, through its Ford hybrid cars, thus attains its goals of economic and social sustainability.