Dodge Hybrid: Designed To Be Recyclable

The Intrepid Dodge Hybrid was Chrysler's first endeavor to go beyond 80 mpg without consuming space or decreasing acceleration. The total Dodge hybrid project required $3 million to get it up and running. 

Chrysler calculates that, if manufactured, the ESX Dodge hybrid would be valued at $80,000.  Much of this car’s value is derived from outlandish electronic parts and exceptional car materials.

The motor is established from a propulsion system intended to utilize 40% of fuel’s probable energy. Generally, cars only utilize 15% of their fuel’s feasible energy. Three engines power this ESX Dodge hybrid.

Each of the three ESX Dodge hybrid engines is a 1.8-liter three-cylinder, VM Motori S.P.A., turbocharged diesel. Its strength is deflected to a 300-volt 180-pound battery and two electric powered wheel engines.  Parts of the high tech braking system (regenerative) are the electric motors. This is where energy lost via the disc brakes regenerates the motors.

The rear suspension of this vehicle is the semi-trailing type with coil-strut shocks.  Two 100-hp electric motors are located in the rear suspension.  The vehicle’s panels are prepared of ultrathin-gauge aluminum, decreasing the weight by 600 lbs.

The reverse, forward, and parking controls are situated on the windshield wiper knob of this Dodge hybrid. The design was integrated in the 1998 Intrepid Production automobile.

Dodge Intrepid ESX Features

The 1997 Dodge hybrid is equipped with rear wheel drive, rear-engine. This 4-door sedan is suitable for five passengers and comes with hybrid propulsion. 

This car is powered by I-3 SOHC diesel, with two electric wheel engines and 2 valves/cylinder. It features regenerative braking. This means that the brakes are like generators that re-establish energy and transform it to electricity.

The 1997 Dodge hybrid features complete electric power-steering, with a 0-60 acceleration in fifteen seconds. It is 195.0 in length, 2880 pounds in curb weight, with guesstimate of 55 MPG.

Dodge ESX 1998 Hybrid Specs

The 1998 Dodge hybrid is somewhat similar with its former version. It is a 4-door sedan equipped with rear wheel drive, and rear-engine, and can accommodate five passengers. It features hybrid propulsion too.

However, the 1998 Dodge hybrid version is powered by I-3 SOHC diesel, with two valves/cylinder, and holds two electric wheel motors. This version is power-driven by 80 bhp diesel plus two 100 hp electric engines that produces 280 bhp. It accelerates at 0-60 at nine seconds for 3.2 liters of fuel.   This 1998 version is 2880 pounds in curb weight.

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