The Intrepid Dodge Hybrid Cars

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Dodge Intrepid ESX-2

The Dodge Intrepid ESX2 is the second iteration with an aim of 70 MPG.  According to car manufacturer Chrysler, this is a mild hybrid (mybrid) since its dependence on electrical power is not exceedingly reliant on the battery. 

This ESX2 Dodge hybrid version features two motors that work in parallel: 20-bhp AC induction electric motor and a 1.5 liter, 74-bhp direct-injection diesel.
Tied with the powertrains are a nickel-metal hydride battery pack, a 5-speed gear which can be shifted from automatic to manual transmission, and controlling device which consists of mechanisms which resemble that of a race car.
The prime power of the ESX2 Dodge hybrid is generated by the fuel powered engine. Its electric engine, on the other hand, is responsible for regenerating the batteries, controls the reverse and automatic gears, and increases car acceleration.
In car aerodynamics body weight adds to fuel consumption because the engine is trying to exert extra energy for a large mass that it carries. What Chrysler did to make Dodge hybrid's body lighter than before, they attached unpainted and totally light thermoplastic body to the standard aluminum frame.

The ending price of this Dodge hybrid is only $15,000 more than a typical Intrepid. Roughly, it sells at $37,000.

Intrepid ESX-3
Compared to a gasoline-fueled vehicle, the ESX3 sells around $7,500 more, with a $15,000 ESX2 premium, and with the ESX $60,000. This mybrid (mild hybrid) powertrain fuses an environment-friendly diesel motor and lithium-ion battery. The powertrain enables the car to pull off 72 miles per gallon.

Compared to its predecessor, the 1998 ESX, this Dodge version is two miles per galloon superior. It is almost near to PNGV’s aim of up to 80 MPG -- that is 2.9 liters/100 km.

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A distinctive electro-mechanical automatic transmission (EMAT) supplies the fuel effectiveness of a manual transmission with the handiness of an automatic.

The perky body of the Intrepid ESX-3 utilizes injection-molded thermoplastic technology that decreases cost and weight. It weight 1020 kg or 2,250 pounds while qualifying in safety standards.

Believe it or not, this Dodge hybrid is eighty-percent recyclable.