Chevy Tahoe Hybrid: All-American SUV

The 2008 Tahoe Hybrid is the first full-size hybrid SUV coming to America. It provides power and capabilities expected from a utility vehicle but it comes with the efficiency of a great hybrid, too.

The Chevy Tahoe hybrid features America’s first two-mode hybrid propulsion system designed for a sports utility vehicle. This is the secret behind the Tahoe Hybrid’s efficiency – the two-mode propulsion system that is designed to guarantee improvement in fuel economy by as much as 25%.

2-Mode Propulsion

Mode 1 is at low speed and light load. At this mode, the Tahoe Hybrid operates in one of three ways: by electric power, by engine power, or in any combination of electric and engine power. As the Tahoe operates on electric power, all the efficiency of a hybrid system is brought to the fore. Cruising on electric power alone reduces fuel consumption as the engine is left shut-off for even extended periods of time. When you need to muscle in more power, the Vortec V8 is there kicking in at the precise moment you wanted the power delivered.

The next, Mode 2, is used at highway speeds to maximize fuel economy. But just the same, electric assist is given in addition to four-cylinder power, or even up to eight-cylinder power, especially under worse road conditions. Ideal for towing heavy loads or running on steep road grades, the low fuel consumption is maintained, as the engine retains torque and utility. This second mode has cam phasing and late-intake valve closure for efficient phasing. The Chevy trademarked Active Fuel Management system likewise shifts easily, unnoticeably, from eight cylinders to four and vice versa. Whatever kind of power is needed, your Tahoe delivers.

This second mode not only improves efficiency but also reduces the need for large electric motors. What Tahoe did was to get two smaller motors that are lighter, and packaged within the automatic transmission’s space.

No problem shifting between these 2 modes, as everything is synchronized. There is no noticeable speed change for the mode shift to take effect. Smooth is the word!

Great Off-Road Packages

The Tahoe’s off-road packages will leave the competition scrambling behind. Take a look at the following: legendary Z71 suspension, aluminum wheels, on and off road tires, automatic locking rear differential, high-pressure shocks, satin chrome door handles, fog lams, skid plate package, Autotrac system, leather seats, gauge cluster and others...

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