Fuel Management Technology: Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

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Safety Features

The Tahoe boasts of front air bags with passenger sensing system It also has head-curtain side air bags. The StabiliTrak that comes with the Chevy Tahoe hybrid is the electronic stability control system that guarantees vehicle stability, especially during high-speed and emergency maneuvers. The anti-lock braking system maintains control over the steering wheel during high-pressure moments by reducing wheel lock-up.

Standard in the Tahoe Hybrid is the On-Star, with the safe-and-sound plan that allows 24-hour access to assistance during emergencies. The new Turn-by-Turn navigation is included, too. With advanced automatic crash notification, an On-Star advisor contacts the Tahoe driver to inquire for any request for assistance.

Tahoe Hybrid Navigation

A special readout of the navigation radio display in the Tahoe Hybrid console will inform the driver of how the system is functioning. The 2-mode system of the Tahoe and the navigation display gives greater efficiency sense and smooth operation.

Then there is the active fuel management technology. This is a standard feature of the Tahoe hybrid that delivers power whenever needed. Cruising along the highway, the Active Fuel Management thinks for the driver, deactivating 4 out of 8 cylinders with smooth precision. When load demands increase, then the cylinders are reactivated to have the full 8-cylinder support. The long and short of it is more efficiency in energy allocation.

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Regenerative braking is another feature that enables power to be provided from another source – the braking process – to charge the battery pack. Every time the driver pushes on the brake pedal, the kinetic energy is captured and then converted to electrical energy. This recharges the battery pack. There’s no reason for the batteries to be drained as the braking process regenerates the charge. The 300-volt battery pack provides the electric power in the two-mode hybrid system.