Chevy Hybrid Cars Lineup

Chevrolet has presented a huge amount of commitment and effort in the progress and execution of technology used in manufacturing Chevy hybrid cars.  With the foremost creation of its fleet, the hybrid Silverado truck, Chevrolet is eyeing on manufacturing more Chevy hybrid cars in the next several years. And this includes the manufacture of additional Chevy hybrid cars like Tahoe, Malibu, Saturn’s VUE SUV, and Suburban. 

In the metropolitan range, Chevrolet created a breed of transit buses for King County in Washington. The transit buses are run by Allison Electric Drive Transmission system.  Around 750,000 gallons of gas is anticipated saved annually if regular transit buses will be substituted. 

Chevy Silverado Hybrid

Designed to entice contractors, the Chevy Silverado hybrid is the foremost full size hybrid automobile offered to the public. As one of the Chevy hybrid cars, the Silverado hybrid truck has a Vortec V-8 motor generating 295hp, plus 335 lb-ft torque. 

The Silverado pickup is more fuel-efficient because of the regenerative braking feature and the motor start-and-stop operation.  These special features set the engine to function as a generator during deceleration. The automatic shut-off when the Chevy Silverado halts or breaks allows Chevy hybrid drivers save more on gasoline. 

The Silverado truck has an electric engine that is incorporated in a space-saving location between the transmission and engine. This is as a replacement for regular starter engine and alternator. As one of the prized Chevy hybrid cars, the Silverado can produce a maximum of 14,000 watts of uninterrupted electric energy. Its electric engine supplies speedy and hushed starting power.
Although the gas motor stops its operation at a stoplight, the accessories still operate on back-up electrical power.  When the driver let goes of the brake, the gas motor starts effortlessly again with guaranteed no interruption or delay.

To make sure of complete accessory potential while the motor is provisionally halted, an electric-driven hydraulic pump generates power steering. An electric-driven pump also keeps on circulating hot water if needed especially during winter. And during summertime, dry and cold air is supplied for an extra length of time using the regular AC system.

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