Camping Out With Chevy Hybrid Cars

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This GM hybrid truck has 120-volt, 20 amp electrical auxiliary electric sockets underneath the rear seat of the car and within the pickup bed.  It can hold a maximum of four accessories while parked or operating.  The Silverado has the capacity to function when the vehicle is parked with no key in the ignition because of its auxiliary generator feature.

It can also be utilized to power appliances or tools at industrial and camp sites for 32 hours non-stop.  This feature turns off the motor before the tank is drained. This means you have sufficient gasoline to drive your way to the gas station.  All power circuits of this hybrid truck are sheltered by a ground-fault detection system.  This would thwart short circuits and overload. 

Chevy Malibu Hybrid Sedan

The Chevy Malibu Sedan, which is expected in 2008, will use the mild hybrid system designed by General Motors Company (GMC). 

According to GMC, this sophisticated Sedan would be manufactured within Kansas City in the United States. This Malibu hybrid is an alternative to the Malibu Ls model.  Earlier reports have it that Chevy Malibu hybrid generates around 2MPG enhancements in fuel-savings measured up to a regular Malibu. Or, approximately 24/32MPG.

Malibu produces 36volts electric engine matched with a 2.4Liter VVY Ecotec 4-cylinder motor, plus a 4-speed transmission.  Will these specs, Chevy hybrid car drivers should experience effortless hybrid driving.

Why Consider a Mild Hybrid?

General Motors announced that the car manufacturer company would concentrate on full hybrid tech on bigger pickups and SUVs, like the Tahoe hybrid.  GM stressed that manufacturing a mild hybrids have lower expenses judged over full hybrid vehicles like those of the Japanese carmakers.

Sidebar: Next article on the Chevy Tahoe hybrid.

That said, the Malibu hybrid car will be lower in price. However, it will still be a good fuel-saver like all Chevy hybrid cars.

Using an incorporated starter-generator, mild hybrids like Malibu turns off the gas motor during halts. It supplies around 10 to 15 percent boost in fuel-savings.  The full hybrid structure puts on a bigger electric engine.  The full hybrid engine has the capacity to operate the vehicle on its own. Thus, a 25 to 30 percent more savings on gasoline.