Out-Of-Town With Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

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Longer Trips

So you live far away from work? Or you have an out-of-town trip pretty soon? These Chevy hybrids, like the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid, still work for you. The electric power is used for up to, say 40 miles of the trip, then the extending power source kicks in as required. Ideal for weekend getaways or driving vacations, too.

Commitment to Hybrid Technology

Chevrolet is likewise committed to coming out with practical vehicles that increasingly become less dependent on fuel and more zero-particle-emitting. The company is also into a new yet efficient technology more known as fuel-cell propulsion. With the use of fuel cells in its vehicles, it employs an effective system based on the principle of less fossil fuel-more renewable energy use.

Chevrolet’s units can easily integrate fuel cell to its trademark features of safe and comfortable ride. For instance, in Chevrolet Sequel, the technology of fuel cell is used for this electric vehicle. Even a motor traction with single speed gives Chevrolet hybrid with fast, instant acceleration.

And what is going hybrid if not, for all intents where possible, zero gasoline or zero emission? With fuel cell technology (using hydrogen fuel), these hybrid vehicles have practically zero tail pipe emissions. The vehicle and its driver both contribute to the environmental protection campaign.

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With all these fuel savings, the Chevrolet hybrids let their drivers know when it is possible to exceed EPA mileage estimates. The driver learns to acclimatize himself to the patterns and habits of the hybrid vehicle. The driver knows when he is drawing on hybrid battery or from gasoline/fuel energy. Also, with plug-in technology, energy sources are practically available anywhere.


Of course, what good is a hybrid if it is only safe for the environment but not for the passengers. Chevrolet hybrids offer the standard safety packages of curtain side air bags, power seats, side bars, and to complete that outdoor look for a rugged Silverado, the host of roof rack attachments, luggage cross rails and bike or canoe attachments.